VAV System

The CHC Fume Hood's fitted face velocity control maintains constant face velocity regardless sash position ensuring the optimal fume hood performance and provides energy savings by reducing air flow rate when hood door is closed. As sash position, the face velocity of fume hood will change. It exhausts same air volume at all the time and also provides less fume hood performance by changing face velocity.


Face Velocity is tested with Inflow air velocity will be measured in door opening position; 20%, 50% and 100% door opening. (Avg inflow velocity 0.45±0.05m/s). Additionaly, Smog Visualization is tested by generating test smog at the fume hood front section, it is to check the presence and leakage vortex/turbulent. Finally, Trace Gas Contaminant is tested by checking gas leakage using a gas sensor. (less than 0.1ppm).