LITE is Tough

The Evolite fume cupboard has aluminum profiles ensure the structural rigidity and the mechanical precision of assembly with a overall reduction of the fume cupboard weight. Aluminium, a recyclable material, improves the resistance to corrosion, even in case of abrasion of epoxy coating finish.

Smooth Sash

The sliding system of front sash is smooth and perfectly balanced. Mechanical safety is ensured by a special blocking system which stops the fall of the sash, even in case of breakdown of both two toothed belts.

Glass Sides

Wide side stratified safety glasses, directly assembled to the aluminum profiles, greatly increase the lightness of the working area so to enable an easy control of

Air Flow Efficiency

Rounded profiles, handle spoiler, lower airfoil and variable air volume system (VAV) guarantee operator protection and optimize air consumption needed to keep top-level security standards.