Flexible Workstations

“C” frame workstations are extremely steady and they can be loaded up to 200 Kg/m2. The lack of frontal legs and the ergonomic design ensure the right work positioning. Frames are available in different dimensions of length, width and height.

Upgradable Platform

Actual requirements can change in further future: MECC furniture system is designed to allow a constant laboratory development with implementations and reorganizations, reducing structural maintenance.

Technical Wall

Utilities arrangement, supply piping distribution and suspended accessory installation are just few functions which technical wall can perform. Thanks to modular elements, it can be designed vertically and horizontally to adapt itself to the most appropriate laboratory disposition.

Clean Style

ECO benches are the evolution of MECC line, sharing quality finishes and attention to details. Workstations, cabinets, shelves and services are common to the two systems however finding different arrangement on the technical wall.